Understanding Drug Related Offences And How To Protect Yourself

Drug related crimes are extremely common. Right from possessing and selling them to committing another felony under the influence of an illicit substance, these offences are taken very seriously and an offender can face a lot of punishment. It is necessary to understand the relation between drugs and crime in order to understand the situation and act accordingly to protect yourself or your loved one.

The Relation Between Drug Use and Crime

Provisional data shows that a person who uses illicit drugs is about 16 times more likely to be arrested for theft or larceny than a person who does not use them. Users of illegal substances are also more like to be booked for liquor law violations, driving under the influence or booked on a charge of assault. Arrestees who were charged with possession or sale were also more likely to test positive for using drugs. Females who were charged with prostitution or sale and possession of drugs were also highly likely to test positive for drug use.

Two aspects that need to be taken under consideration are:

1. Many of the offenders were under the influence of the illicit drugs when they were committing the crime: During a survey conducted at the State and Federal prisons, it was found that a number of the incarcerated offenders were under the influence while committing the crime. The percentage varied across different categories of crimes right from property to public-order offences.

2. A number of these offenders were committing these crimes in order to support their drug habit: A notable percentage of state and federal inmates admit to having committed certain crimes in order to support their drug use. Either money was obtained to buy them or goods were stolen so that they could be sold for money for the same reason.

The Need for a Good Criminal Defense Attorney

If you or a loved one has been accused of a drug-related offence, it is necessary to hire a good criminal defense attorney to represent you. The laws vary in every state and it is important to have a lawyer who will know what laws will be applicable in your particular case. You may feel like you have been wrongly accused of the crime or you may not have intentionally consumed an illegal substance. Whatever your defense may be, if it is put together properly and fought by a good attorney, you may be able to have the case against you dismissed or be able to plead for a lighter punishment.