5 Tips When Seeking a Divorce Attorney

Divorce can be emotional and messy, but choosing the right divorce attorney will make a huge difference. Take a look at these tips to hire the right person to defend you and achieve the fairest outcome.

1. Stay Private

Depending on the circumstances surrounding the divorce, each involved party may want to tell everyone the news. However, this isn’t usually the best approach. It likely isn’t set in stone who your partner will have as a divorce attorney, and it’s best to keep attorney information to yourself at first. Often, divorce attorneys may know each other or be in the same legal circles. The last thing anyone wants is to get another lawyer due to conflicting interests. Take advantage of attorney and client privilege.

2. Do the Research

It may sound obvious, but do research when trying to find the right lawyer. Ask friends and family for their suggestions, but make sure that the lawyer focuses on divorce cases and has an excellent record. Also, it’s important that your chosen lawyer has a good record when it comes to your specific needs, whether they include child support, child custody, or financial agreements. Reviews are often available online, and it’s usually clear which lawyers are reputable.

3. Take Interviews

No one is forced to hire the first lawyer they meet with, so it’s best to set up several meetings and interview each to find the right fit. Ask questions concerning their practice, such as what type of law they specialize in and what they will do to ensure you get the best outcome.

4. Have a Plan

If at all possible, try to discuss the division of finances with your spouse before seeking an attorney. If the split can be remotely amicable, it will help in the long run. Discussing the division of money and property beforehand, especially if there is no prenuptial agreement, will make the process smoother for the lawyers on both sides. Try to be mature and sensitive to the situation. It will make the overall case better if things are talked through sensibly and rationally.

5. Know the Cost

Make sure to ask the lawyer what the exact costs will be, whether for the initial meeting or the overall trial. Be firm in finding out what the initial fees are, as well as any other court costs that may not be mentioned, or any hourly fees or rates.

Regardless of what happens, being civil will bring the best results when it comes to the divorce proceedings. Making sure the divorce attorney is qualified and has a good record will make the journey much easier on yourself and your ex-spouse.