Admissibility And The Green Card Medical Examination

Some illnesses and diseases are checked when an applicant appears for the Immigration Medical Examination – diseases which could pose a threat to society at large are checked during the exam:

The Green Card Medical is one of the mandatory steps in the entire process for the Green Card or visa. Only after one passes the Medical will he or she be able to log into the next step of the visa process: the Green Card interview.

A cold or an attack of shingles will not prevent you admission to a green card. But what will however, are the following. These diseases are listed in certain sections of the Immigration and Nationality Act of the United States, and they include:

Any communicable diseases which are of significance, from the public health point of view. The more important ones are leprosy, active tuberculosis, a few venereal diseases and an infectious form of leprosy. Though AIDS was on the list it is no longer so.

Any physical disorder, or a mental disorder that can make the diseased dangerous to public health and to the society at large. If the disease proves to be a threat to the safety, welfare or the property of the society then it can be deemed to make the person inadmissible into the country.

Any abuse or known addiction to drugs. If the applicant has a history of drugs then this could make him or her inadmissible to the country.

A conviction for driving under the influence of alcohol could make an applicant liable to be made inadmissible.



If you reside within the country then you shall be what is called as “adjusting status”. If you check on the USCIS website you can get a list of all the qualified Civil Surgeons, medical doctors approved by the USCIS, or the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services in your area. You could then compare and choose the best suitable Civil Surgeon for conducting the exam. There are other portals too available, which give you a list of the Civil Surgeons and also help you in fixing up an appointment at an appropriate time.


If you are residing outside the country then you will have to apply for your visa or the green card through a U S Consulate or embassy – you will be given the medical examination results directly by the physician to hand over to the officials at the time of the visa interview, or it will be sent directly to the U S Embassy or Consulate.