Some Conditions That Could Make You Ineligible For a US Green Card or Visa

Certain conditions are established by the Immigration and Nationality Act in the USA, which have to be met by the applicant before the required visa can be issued. There are some conditions or “Ineligibilities” which can render the immigrant ineligible for a green card or visa. These ineligible conditions are stated in the INA and other laws pertaining to immigration.

We shall take a look at a few:

This ineligibility falls through section 212(a) of the Immigration and Nationality Act, or INA in short.


An alien who is discovered to have a communicable disease that significantly poses danger to public health.

An alien who has applied for a visa or for permanent residence but has not been able to provide any documentation on the vaccines taken by him or her in the past. The vaccines are for diseases that can be prevented through the intake of vaccinations; some of the diseases that have been prescribed vaccinations by the Advisory Committee for Immunization Practices are:

• Measles

• Mumps

• Rubella

• Tetanus

• Polio

• Diphtheria

• Pertussis

• Influenza type B

• Hepatitis B

apart from any other diseases that can be prevented through the administering of vaccines.

An alien can be deemed to be found ineligible if in consultation with the Attorney General and with relevance to the rules prescribed by the Secretary of Health and Human Services he or she:

• Is found with a physical, mental or any other behavior that poses a threat to the safety and security, welfare and property of other residents, or

• Is found to be displaying a physical or mental disorder or a history that can be traced to the disorder, underlying a behavior that can pose a safety and security risk to others in the form of harmful behavior.

• Is found to be an abuser of drugs or medically dangerous substances.

CRIMINAL GROUNDS: If the alien has been found to be convicted of 2 or more criminal offenses (other than those that are political) is inadmissible. This is regardless of the fact that the conviction was done in a single trial or if the offenses have arisen from a 1 general scheme of misconduct. If the sentences to the convictions involve 5 years or more the alien will stand ineligible for admission into the country.

TRAFFICKERS OF CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES: If the consular officer or the Attorney General have reason to believe that the alien has been an illegal trafficker of any controlled or banned chemicals or substances or, if the alien has been a known abettor, assister of such a controlled or banned substance then this will make him or her ineligible for admission into the country.