Traffic Violations That Will Cost You the Most

The choices you make on the road will impact your life in many different ways. If you make poor choices that result in an accident, you could lose your life or cost other people their lives. Even when the poor decision does not end up in an accident, it will end up in inflated insurance rates – learn about what affects how much you pay for insurance.

Driver’s License Points

The driver’s license points system was designed as a way for the state government to determine when you have essentially been given enough chances on the road. Once a driver has violated traffic laws too many times, or they have made a major violation, they will lose their driving privileges. In almost all instances, if you “point out” your license will be suspended for a given amount of time and your license will be returned to you after you meet certain time and monetary requirements that were set by a traffic court judge.

Negative Insurance Information

The way an insurer views your driving record is going to be different than the way the law views it. Oftentimes, this can seem unfair. As explains, your driving record can tell the insurance company a lot about how much it is going to cost them to keep you on as a client. As driving points eventually fall off your record, the history itself will always be there. Most insurance companies check back either 3 years, 5 years, or 8 years – anything that happened in those years will be held against you even if the points have fallen off already.

The Worst Driving Offenses

While the penalties for any traffic violation will differ by state, there are major violations that will reflect horribly on your record. In many instances, these traffic offenses can land you in jail, result in the suspension of your driving privileges and cost you heavily in court fees and fines. Many times, drivers take it a step further and commit multiple traffic violations at the same time and the combination can be very detrimental.

Driving While Impaired

Driving under the influence of any substance that alters your judgment and ability is known as driving while impaired – the actual violation is called DUI (Driving under the Influence) or DWI (Driving While Intoxicated). In almost every state, this is one of the most serious and common reason a law enforcement officer will stop a drivers. Driving while impaired will almost always end up in the suspension of driving privileges, jail time, and expensive court fines.


The argument can be made that everyone speeds, but that would be down playing a real problem on the roads in this country. According to The National Safety Council, over 13,000 people die each year in speeding related car accidents. If you’re caught speeding, it will cost you in points and fines; excessive speeders may be arrested at the scene and have their vehicle impounded.

Driving Without Insurance

In most states, it is required that every driver purchases an insurance policy for their vehicle(s). The penalties for driving without adequate insurance could result in the loss of your license, having your car impounded and steep fines.

Driving With a Suspended License

If your driving privileges have been revoked in your state, continuing to drive is a big mistake. Drivers who are caught driving with a suspended license are often taken to jail, face an extension on their current suspension, and will likely be made to pay large fines.

Any of the offenses listed above are going to haunt your driving record and massively increase your insurance premiums long into the future.